Bioforce Progressive Force

Bioforce Progressive Force

Body Heat Activation - At room temperature, NeoSentalloy wires are soft, pliable, and easy to engage. Once warmed to body temperature the wire gently and predictably guides the teeth to the present arch form.

Superelasticity - Even when severely malposed, NeoSentalloy continues to exert its gentle, near constant forces as the tooth moves.

Shape Memory Effect – BioForce® will take displacements up to 90 degrees without deforming. Its overwhelming desire to return to its original shape actually promotes tooth movement with fewer wire changes and fewer patient visits. 

The optimal force needed to move anteriors is not the same as the optimal force needed to move molars. If a force is designed to move anteriors, it is too light to move molars. If a force is great enough to move molars, the force is too strong - traumatically strong - for anteriors. BioForce is the premier super elastic, body heat-activated wire that starts with low, gentle forces for the anteriors, and then automatically increases in force to the posterior, where it plateaus in the molar region. With BioForce you have an edgewise, early treatment archwire that will torque, level, and align simultaneously. 

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