In collaboration with leading Orthodontic specialists, psm has developed the unique mentoplate System for skeletal anchorage to facilitate maxillary advancement in early Class III treatment.  The  MENTOPLATE System offers a large variety of high precision titanium plates and screws for bone anchorage.
Especially in early Class III treatments in combination with RPE (BENEfit Hybrid Hyrax) the mentoplates offer the possibility to treat children from the age of 8 years.  Due to the fact that the fixation is performed in the sympheseal area, there is no need to wait for the eruption of the lower canines.
The plate insertion is made by means of a safe and stable fixation with self-drilling mini screws directly in the bone following a small incision.  The maxillary protraction starts after finishing the RPE with intermaxillary elastic anchorage.  The non-compliance treatment method without the need the need of a facemask shows excellent clinical results and is based on significant clinical research.
With the introduction of the mentoplate System, psm has considerably enchanced the therapeutic diversity of early Class III treatment.
The new ANKA Plates used for maxillary or mandibular anchorage for a large variety of tooth movement applications with the added advantage that many BENEfit appliances can be attached to the plate giving amazing versitility.

The Mentoplate System
The Menoplate-System provides a perfect solution for enhanced stability with special orthodontic bone anchored plates for intraoral fixation in the maxilla and the mandible.  The System includes Titanium plates which are fixed to the bone surface with selfdrilling screws.

  • Instrusion and extrusion of teeth
  • Distal / mesial movement
  • Space closure
  • Maxillary protraction
  • Maximum retention force
  • Easy fixation with self-drilling screws
  • Reduced risk of tooth damage
  • Precise control of tooth movement
  • Ability to eliminate facemask

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