Molar Bands & Attachments

We offer five different models of molar band: three from Dentsply GAC and two from G&H Orthodontics, including our own Arthur Hall "house" band. In most cases bands can be purchased either plain or pre-welded with attachments of your choice.

Each category of band has distinct characteristics and its own sizing/numbering protocol:

Arthur Hall "house" bands are a popular option and are kept in stock for custom welding. They are strong and reliable performers. 

GAC Snap-Fit bands offer greater elasticity and superior fit. After fitting and removal the band returns to its original size, ensuring that the cemented band is as accurate as the initial fit. Snap-Fit bands are offered in graduated, proportional sizes, maxillary and mandibular, left and right. 

GAC Ideal bands adapt to the contour of the tooth as they are positioned. These bands are easier to re-contour than Snap-Fit bands, and feature an edge hardness that prevents edge crushing. These 'softer' bands provide excellent fit and stability. Interiors are acid-etched for roughness to increase bond strength, and feature permanent easy-to-read identification.

GAC Ovation bands have been designed with a shorter crown height and evaluated to satisfy the needs of the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists. The soft contour and easier sizing make placement and adaptation simple. 

G&H Saturn bands are Ormco*-size compatible and feature precision-shaped tooth anatomy for a tight, secure fit and excellent retention. They are malleable enough for snap fitting.

*G&H Orthodontics is not affiliated with Ormco.

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