Chain - Elastomeric

Dyna-Link Elastomeric Chain

  • Continuous, gentle force for predictable tooth movement
  • High elasticity with superior memory and rebound

 Dyna-Link Slim-Chain (thin)

  • Low profile - great for lingual treatment and comfort
  • Thinner chain - easier to ligate under tie wings / self ligating brackets
  • Superb resiliency & memory

PowerLinx Chain (thermoset)

  • Produces increased elasticity 
  • Can endure higher stresses longer
  • Recovery force remains elevated and active over a longer time-frame

Super Chain™ Elastomeric Chain (thermoset)

  • Provides an optimal and consistent force
  • Super thin profile provides the versatility to piggyback with Sani-Tie® Elastomers

Colour Boutique Chain

  • Developed to enable easy regular and figure-of-8 ligation and optimal force chain
  • Available in closed, open and open long on a 15ft spool

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